Technical Management of Crew Members

We believe that high skills standards and competencies of the crew basing on carrier development, innovation, commitment and continuous communication is the basic for well-maintained vessel.
Oskar & Partners is proposing to be responsible for the manning of vessels under a crew management contract. Prospecting, recruiting, training, deploying and developing highly skilled seafarers for vessels is the main objective of our crew management service. We guarantee to our ship-owners the perfect crew with the right skills and competences to enhance the exploitation of the vessel and its commercial performance.We can offer you flexible and responsive crew management services tailored to suit your needs and support your complete crewing process.Our training process policy ensures that we have access to a constant source of experienced and well-trained seafarers for deployment on-board our managed vessels. Actually, we have ready access to a cosmopolitan crew of Moroccan, Spanish, Polish and Icelandic officers.