Technical Management of Ships

Technical Management of ships involves all aspects that impact the efficiency and physical condition of a vessel throughout its operational life.
Oskar & Partners technical team deliver the expertise and knowledge to maintain the efficient functioning of managed vessels.
We provide our services via our team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff which includes marine engineers and technical superintendents, who are responsible for monitoring the vessel’s condition and all aspects of their performance and operation.

We keep regular communication with on-board on-shore personnel and with our highly experienced shore based marine engineers, we are able to provide a safe, reliable and effective vessels operation.
The services we offer to our clients are always in compliance with the requirements of industry regulators, recognised statutory bodies, the law of the proper Flag State and the places where the Vessel is required to trade.

We do our best to ensure that the safety and security of crew is preserved and we encourage a high consideration for the protection and sustainability of the environment.We are certified ISO 9001, which enable us to audit our procedures and improve them in order to ensure that the highest operating standards and services are maintained.
These services include technical management and repairs, the maintenance of the Vessel to the standards agreed with the ship-owners, arranging the supply of necessary stores, spares, lubricating oil, other consumables used by vessels, vessel inspection, budget control and many other things to ensure profitable exploitation of the vessels.