Workship – multipurpose ship

Workship – multipurpose ship

Oskar & Partners is in cooperation with Marine design and we present a multi-purpose vessel adapted to work in shallow waters.

In order to meet the needs of coastal and inland waterway transport, we have prepared a project of a universal multi-purpose ship adapted for various surface works and specialised underwater equipment handling.

The ship has two spud poles that increase lifting and handling capabilities using crane equipment on board. They also allow maintaining ship’s position.

The ship has been designed to maximize the potential of the propulsion providing incredible efficiency guaranteed by model tests.

The vessel is designed for nearshore works and the marine construction works, as well to have the guaranty of a high utilization in field of cable installation and cable repair jobs in shallow water areas.

Especially is designed for shallow water projects with long working endurance and to comply with the international trade (RSA 50).

For marine constructions works where save position keeping is required, two spuds with hydraulic drive were arranged.

The low draught allows working in shallow water areas, where the competitions have no chance.

Efficient and strong propulsion allow keeping position in the high tide flow of the UK nearshore market. On low tide ship can safely ground and wait for return of high tide.

The presentation of the project can be seen in this video : 

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